Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wye Not Wye Oak

Meet Wye Oak; indie folk duo from Baltimore made up of equal parts Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack. In their latest release, Civilian, expect a cross between Florence + The Machine and Deb Talan of the Weepies. Riveting from the first beat, it didn't take long for me to wrap my headphones and heart around this amazing track, which revels in a humble combination of Elliot Smith's lyricism and the unapologetic grit missing from mainstream music. Tremendously brave and beautiful, Civilian is a song to fall in love with.

I am nothing without pretend
I know my thoughts

can't live with them
I am nothing without a man
I know my faults

but I can hide them

I don't need another friend
when most of them
i can barely keep up with
i'm perfectly able to hold my own hand
but i still can't
kiss my own neck

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