Monday, July 25, 2011

For Amy

The young rich and famous have notoriously made many a front page news column for lude behavior or drug-fueled mishaps. When the world lost Amy Winehouse this weekend, however, they didn't just lose a famous addict; they lost a troubled human being who happened to possess one of the most soulful, promising, and passionate voices of her generation and beyond. Society is so quick to remind us that Winehouse was on a self-destructive path, but what I truly wish they would emphasize more than her troubled life was the legacy she has left behind. Many may copy her bee-hive hair-do, but I dare anyone to listen to her live taping of Valerie or Love Is A Losing Game without standing in awe of the raw talent we unfortunately lost too soon. There are one too many auto-tuned, sexed-up-without-explanation, blow-up-doll-looking pop stars out there and too few artists with soul. I can't explain my connection with Winehouse, all I know is her music was powerful and touched me in a way few artists have. She was haunted by personal demons and, perhaps in some lights, brave enough to release them through song. I sincerely wish she could have pulled herself out of some of her habits but choose to honor her artistic legacy as a woman who sung with unbelievable strength and probably loved just as fiercely. A notoriously shy public figure, I only wish Winehouse is at peace somehow and can see how much her fans appreciated her talent and will continue to remember her amazing voice.
xx this one's for you, wino