Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Won't Keep You

Previous St. Paul resident and Mason Jennings tour-mate Haley Bonar is no stranger to local accolades, but with her recent move to Portland and her latest release, Golder, Haley may be on her way to nationally-renowned musical success. The strongest single off of Golder is easily the delicately nostalgic Silver Zephyrs. Bonar's careful lyrical arrangements and soulful vocal balance create a track of unparalleled beauty and ease.

Tried hard to leave the earth, but the strings pulled too hard
If you want to find escape, there's a place in your back yard
Lying flat upon our backs, watching silver zephyrs pass
The sky is auburn, the night is sleeping in the past...
I won't keep you
Trash piles on the curb, what do you love now that there's no me?
Go and make your pretty world, it doesn't take a telescope to see
I won't keep you