Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad Religion

I dare you to not give as much of a fuck today as you normally do.

Whether it be what you look like, or how others perceive you, or the outcome of all the situations you are anticipating. (As The Shins would say, Caring is Creepy.) I know, I am usually the poster-child for embracing expressive emotion, and today is no different. I'm actually daring you to not care so much what other people think about you, or your emotions, or all the labels you put on yourself and everything else all day long.

Lately I find my creative inclinations dwindling as my new job renders me with a stack of 5-10 stories every day, each with a new deadline, and most of the music I've been into lately is far from new. I can't remember a time in my life when I'm felt more out of fucks to give about other peoples' opinions. Pretty much everyone you meet in life comes equipped with their own BS that they will try to project on you to justify their own life choices. This is inevitable. The more I see myself stepping up to the corporate aspect of creativity, the more I know in my soul that with graduation looming ahead, a change has already taken place. I no longer see a job or a relationship as the grounding force in my life that will satisfy my needs. I feel untethered to travel wherever I want to, do whatever I want to, knowing that stepping up to or away from any title will never define me. I will never let my future depend on another soul. And that is terrifyingly cool.

So here you go, a little Alabama Shakes for ya + a live version of my fave Frank Ocean track. I think they go together quite nicely. If it brings you to your's a bad religion.