Saturday, December 4, 2010

Age of Adele

Adele, whose breakout album 19 was touted as the vocalist's powerhouse debut, comes back strong with her sophomore effort appropriately titled 21. Expected to hit iTunes this February, the first single Rolling in the Deep has been pre-released to thunderous praise from both sides of the pond. (Pure vocal power. If you want to listen to something that sounds. good. this is the song for you...) With a maturity transcending the age suggested on her albums, Adele's bold, soulful tracks resonate louder than many of her more half-hearted counterparts.
From powerful vocals to a richly transcendent artist tethered to textural fragility, Sufjan Stevens presents Futile Devices - a tiny work of art. This 2 minute gem is one of the most beautiful tracks off of Sufjan Stevens' latest album, The Age of Adz.

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  1. i love adele! she is so talented..she just has raw talent!!!