Saturday, December 11, 2010

Second Annual - Year in Musical Review

A little glimpse into the mixtape of my year. What better way to measure your time but musically...
"as the lights of the cars go by in a stream
seems like i stand pretty much unseen
but i open my eyes and beams come out"

"you must stick up for yourself, son
never mind what anybody else done"

Winter Winds - Mumford & Sons

"and my head told my heart 'let love grow'
but my heart told my head 'this time no"
The Chaconne - Dessa & Matthew Santos
"the books i read said you were a fragile kid, just as i imagined it your story goes"
"put the ghost in my sail/put the spin in my wheel/ roll me up in your heart,
awe make it seem real/i'm clay in your hands, i'm the ball in your game

i've been lovin you forever but i never knew your name"

Franklin Avenue - Jeremy Messersmith

"waiting for/ that sinking feeling/it's all that keeps me together + im so scared to let it unwind"
"wake up
you're getting high on your own supply
oh baby,
you're still alive when you could've died
the world is not around because of you
you know?
i'm not around because of you"
"show me the way to shake. a memory"


Heart of Gold - Neil Young

"it's these expressions i never give, that keep me searching for a heart of gold"

Who You Gonna Run To? - Solid Gold

"who you gonna run to?
who you gonna run to now?"

The Light - Common

we known each other for some time -

it don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine"

"i know they won't believe me, but i've got favorite memories
darkness, always
it doesn't make much sense"

As the new year approaches, I only hope that it is happier, calmer, and more beautiful than any year before. Try not to make too many resolutions, you don't need 'em.

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