Friday, April 2, 2010

Unheard Of

Three songs brand new to my eardrums until this week. If you haven't heard of these little gems by now get em while they're still hot!

1) The Chaconne - Dessa & Matthew SantosI might just be the last person in Mpls to hear/worship the eloquent revolution that is Margret Wander aka Dessa. In the off chance I'm not: to say you're missing out is an understatement. Her latest single, The Chaconne, with fellow Mpls native Matthew Santos, is delicately beautiful and stirring.

First a darling then a marvel
When we met I was still a young girl
But you had changed, already famous
Your name was a contagion
You were vain and hard to take
All the same, I was brave

2) Uptown GirL - K-OS
One listen to this and you won't be able to listen to bad hip hop again. (Hopefully). Combining elements of rock, funk, and rap, the Canadian-born K-OS transcends notions of time, place, and genre. Amazing.

I'm not from the ghetto
But my mama is and she's an uptown girl
I know its hard to let it go
But you've gotta stay up when you're down, girl

3)You Must Be Out of Your Mind - The Magnetic Fields
The lyrics read as the ultimate fuck-off song, but its set to such a mellow background that the paradoxical nature of it is not only amusing but creative.

You can't just go around saying stuff because it's pretty
And I no longer drink enough to think you're witty

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