Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Modern Man's Hustle

Four artists with a unique message and inherently different perspective, all of which I've grown to respect. From Kublakai's intensely lyrical hip hop to Technique's messages of social injustice; from Mason Jenning's poetic genius to Joe Purdy's testament to forbidden love, these men have all created their careers from scratch and contribute something essential to the music world.

1. Torn Down Torch - Kublakai
From the very first chord of the Spanish guitar Kublakai ushers you into their hypnotic world of poetic verse and addictive beats. Featuring Grieves and Inkubiz, the pace of this track is perfect for first-time Kublakai listeners or long time fans.

My heart is like a snowglobe
I keep it on my desk
Shake it up to stir its memories
And stare into its mess

2. Industrial Revolution - Immortal Technique

The bling-bling era was cute but it's about to be done
I leave you full eclipse like the moon blocking the sun
My metaphors are dirty like herpes but harder to catch
Like an escape tunnel in prison, I started from scratch

3. Never Knew Your Name - Mason Jennings

A love song like none other, mostly in its refusal to adhere to the typical formula. A solid piano anthem, it veers off into the abstract at some unexpected times. A perfect example of Jenning's soulful, exquisite style.

Put the ghost in my sail

Put the spin in my wheel
Roll me up in your heart
Aw, make it seem real
I'm clay in your hands
I'm the ball in your game
I've been lovin you forever but I
Never knew your name

4. Secret - Joe Purdy
There's something haunting about this message and those who it resonates with feel it deeply.

I am your secret, babe
Watch me unfold
Dancin in these streets so late
Nobody knows
Nobody knows us

And I don't remember falling asleep
Must've been holdin on tight
Cause all I can think of and all I can dream
Is dancing with you in red lights

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