Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indie Is As Indie Does

I used to be the kind of person who only liked a band when no one had heard of them. (I'm sure there's an Urban Outfitters V-neck with that printed all over it...copyright?) But there's something about finding a song & thinking it somehow has an exclusive relationship with you, it's only listener, that makes your possession of it that much more treasured. It's as if your interpretation of the track is the only one that exists. So here are some jams that you (probably) have heard of but if not, I'm secretly ecstatic.

1.Audience - Cold War Kids
you came from the country
wearin momma's clothes
you were born in the city
daddy's dominoes
you need a record you can move to
well we got one
drop the needle we are playing
for an audience of one

2. Nobody's Sweetheart - Simon Wilcox

off her 2007 release, "The Charm And The Strange". don't be fooled, Simon's really a chick with a whole discography to dig thru, which plays like the lovechild of Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. beautiful stuff.

you look like a perfect version
of a pathetic person
you're nobody's sweetheart now
don't say you'll come back for more

3. Hands - Ms John Soda
a perfect song for the new year; an overtly calm track that's like a happy haiku for your ears

things may seem
somehow unsure in times
things refined
directions signed, sometimes

4.The Unknown - Standfast

one of this Swedish duo's biggest US hits; it's probably already somehow been commercialized in a Nissan commercial but until the day I find that out, it's going to stay my lil' secret.

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