Thursday, December 10, 2009

Contra [Band]

What happens when you combine a group of Upper West Side Columbia students with touches of Congolese soukous music, indie pop, and prepster rock? You might just get Vampire Weekend, and it might just rock.

I'll admit I'm a late-comer to the Vampire Weekend phenom that is the last three years. In my earnest discovery, however, I was quick to find they were unlike any combination of styles I'd come across. Insanely likeable, almost to a fault, you would be hard pressed to find atleast one element of their music you don't quickly enjoy. They're alt enough to have opened for The Shins, but more cheerful, with stylings of African flavor that somehow, quite ironically, don't seem ironic at all. The Congolese influences never seem out of place, and their lyrics are fresh and biting without being overly-satirical.

VW's forthcoming release, "Contra", is slated to debut January 12th, but I'd suggest you take these boys up on their offer for a free download of its first single, Horchata. Find it by dabbling with the link below:

For your next few steps, try some of these tracks off their previously released album and EPs:
-Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - joyful, semi-remniscient of Paul Simon or The Shins
-Oxford Comma - grammar frustrations never sounded so good.
-A-Punk - not a bad little ode to punk rock

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