Friday, October 15, 2010

Everywhere I Go

I have some major beef with Lissie. First of all, she's talented, gorgeous, and has toured with Ray Lamontagne. (Not to mention she cancelled the concert I had tickets to last weekend.) Despite these reasons I find I can't stay away from her honey-smooth, Fleetwood Mac-remniscent vocals. Kicked out of highschool and spending time in Colorado, Paris, and eventually making her home in LA, Lissie is an indie-rock rebel after my own heart. The powerful, evocative "Everywhere I Go" breaks my heart in just the right way; and "Worried About" has one of the catchier hooks I've heard in a while. (You like to see/Your thumb on me/Just checkin in/To make it begin again.)
By far the biggest hit is the aching protest "In Sleep."
Fast asleep where I keep my memories
Calling me out in dreams, he visits me
I know that when the story ends
The one that's in my head
Well, I'll be alone again
If you're a fan of Laura Marling or Marina & The Diamonds, you'll find a pleasant surprise in Lissie. And if she ever comes to town again you'd be wise to get tickets...just make sure they're refundable.

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