Wednesday, February 3, 2010

They're So...Heavy

The most exciting rock album I've heard since Icky Thump, English rock band The Heavy kick Jack White's ambiguous ass out of the water with a similar but better record of guitar heavy neo-soul. Released in October, The House That Dirt Built, is a throwback to voodoo soul and heavy funk rock. The first song I heard off the album, "Cause For Alarm," is one of the more mellow tracks, and an instant reggae classic.

"There is no dress rehearsal, there's no easy lesson learned, better to be breathin fire than to have your bridges burned."

Not only can they rock, but their message, especially on tracks like this, transcends the boundaries normally imposed by such guitar-heavy rock music; that it can't also be soulful and empowering. In fact, they blend so many genres of music on this record that every track is even more genuine and unique than the last. These English imports (all with dashingly good looks not to mention) know how to rock, no question. This is the kind of album that's so good you think it must have been released in thirty years ago and remastered. It's amazing this music hasn't been made yet. But I think I speak for many fans to come that I'm glad it was.
Some tracks to consider:
-Cause For Alarm
-How You Like Me Now
-Oh No! Not You Again!

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