Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For Your Consideration

Sometimes a song swims around in my head a few weeks before I actually get it together to discover its origins. I had been first exposed to MN locals Peter Wolf Crier a few weeks ago, when a very distant, Grizzly-Bear-esque tune came on the current and forced me to forget about whatever qualms or worries I had been mulling over on my morning commute and focus instead on its happy, compact sound. That song was this local band's first single, "Crutch & Cane" and now having heard it several times over, it still grabs my attention like a shiny pair of shoes. Well-crafted, simple, and contagiously cool. You can download their album and listen to tracks for free here.

Another new track to check out is also an 89.3 discovery. If you're a fan of Portishead or Zero 7, you'll like the latest collaboration from Massive Attack and Hope Sandoval. The beautiful Sandoval,(doesn't she look like a pretty little daffodil?) originally from Mazzy Star fame, lends her sleepy voice to this poignant piece of electro-grunge. The paradoxically titled Paradise Circus carries a possessive, ethereal quality which resonates at full volume, with lyrics to match.

Love is like a sin my love
For the one that feels it the most
Look at her with a smile like a flame
She will love you like a fly and will never love you, again

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