Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lost In Los Angeles

Lost in the iTunes store this morning I stumbled upon a new treasure: LiLA. Cinematic instrumentation, haunting vocals, and a true testament to indie pop are what LiLA, (which stands for "Lost in Los Angeles") offer with their self-titled debut album. Conjuring up a sonic, dream-like landscape reminiscent of Radiohead and Page France, LiLA offers up their best with tracks like "All Roads Lead To You" and "The Score." The only crime here is that iTunes has mistakenly paired their band page with a description for a country singer named Lila...awkward iTunes, really? More like electronic indie tracks at their finest.
When I listen to this album I can't help but reflect on my own time in the city of Los Angeles. When I was lost in its rolling hills or contemplating my acting career, I'd have to say I would have loved to have this album with me. Maybe you won't be visiting Santa Monica or navigating the treacherous 101 anytime soon but you still might find this LA quartet worth a listen. If you're a fan of Gary Jules, Radiohead or anything of the like, please please give it a few tries and get lost in Los Angeles.

On a side note, I fell in love with Mason Jennings all over again today when my friend kmack inspired me with another CD of his, "Bone Clouds." The first song that caught my ears off the album was, quite fitting with today's theme: California.

"California, I hope that it wakes you, from all of the darkness that I couldn't break through. Cause I'm gonna miss you, I'm gonna miss you....I rubbed your back when you were sleeping, but all along baby it was understood. That you were leaving, absolutely, Since the very first day we met. I'm gonna miss you, Like I miss the ocean. Like I miss the ocean when I go to sleep."

Everytime I listen to this man I become so much more enamored (to be sincerely hyperbolic) with his amazing lyricism. Spread the love, download Mason (a Minnesota local?!) and have a musical conversation with the decade's closest, most lovable version of today's Bob Dylan. (Right now off the cd she let me borrow I'm also loving 'Nothing' and also, as always, the video for Fighter Girl).
I do miss you, California. But I won't have to miss you for long. The amazing music I find today reminds me of every place I journeyed these last few months, and though these tracks may have come a little late, they only serve now to broaden my perspective of such a wild and fabulous time.

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