Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls

There are some new boys in town, and they're called Girls

SXSW darlings Chris Owens and JR White are Girls, and a total breath of fresh air. Influenced by, among other bands, The Beach Boys, Girls sing with charming vulnerability over freshly produced arrangements and subtle drum touches. Their debut, smugly titled Album is perfect in its candid, catchy untidiness. The opening, Lust For Life is a tongue-in-cheek, but not sarcastic, ode to Owen's ex girlfriend. (And you should definitely watch the vid...) Lyrics like "Oh i wish I had a suntan, I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine, I wish I had a beach house, and we could make a big fire every night," while written as slight jabs at her ability to move on before Owens, come off more sincere and fragile than mean spirited or purely in jest. And the following track, Laura is reminiscent of the late 80s Brit punk scene. Overall, these San Fran boys are sure to win you over. If ever you felt like you wanted to get inside the heads of a few dudes, listen to Girls.

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