Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Music Tidbits

If music has the power to heal, as well as the dual power to be indicative of a specific temporal instance yet remain timeless for its listener, then these gems have done all three for me lately. I hope you like them too.

Lost in the Light - Bahamas
With a Neil Young howl at the bridge and an eerily comforting tone (think Antony & the Johnsons minus the sadistic vibe,) Bahamas kill me with kindness with this track. I dare you not to love it.

it was my greatest thrill when we just stood still,
you let me hold your hand til i had my fill
cause this life is so long, and so you wouldn't be wrong,
bein free, leavin me on my own.

Carsong - Spankrock feat. Santigold
Santigold steals the show for me on this one, per usual, making this one of the most awesomely balanced, addictive songs I've heard in a while.

The Celestials - Smashing Pumpkins
The Pumpkins remain one of my favorite bands, and they make me think of fall and joy-riding and I love Billy Corgan and the pretty words he says so bravely. ("Everything i want is free.")

Congratulations - MGMT
Amazing song, amazing message.

Motherland - Apollo Cobra
Addictive, sugary-synth rock candy.

Just Drums - Tapes n' Tapes
A hot, jumpy classic that's hard not to dig. Always sounds a little better come September.

How it Ends - Devotchka
Beautiful, obsessive, relentless, haunting, melodic, perfect. The end credit to every movie, every story, every thought.

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