Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Se Destruyan

Over the last year a lot of questions have come up for me. My whole life I would classify as one, enormous, self-persisting question; beginning when I was maybe 5 (when I remember acknowledging that time moved so quickly and how desperately I wanted it to slow down), and continuing to this day with the equivocally insoluble and ever-changing questions of faith.
These questions, you know, the big ones, keep me up at night. (As a white, middle class, pretty permeable-minded citizen of my time, it's only natural that I reference a Coldplay song here; one that I think can generally sum up my view of everything logical and reasonable: Questions of science, science and progress do not speak as loud as my heart.) But more legitimately than something Chris Martin penned to soothe Gwen Pal is this universal idea that there are simply things in life we cannot explain, reason, or affect. There is only so much we can take on every day, and these questions without easy answers only serve to complicate our thoughts that much more.

I think, though, that these questions are important. And that these sort of complications are okay. I don't believe that I'll ever know a lot of things. The only thing I'm really sure of is that there are A LOT of things I am completely unsure of.... All the time. And I think that's alright. For those kind of moments though, I need music.Every day, despite some of our best efforts at avoiding these questions or, my faaaaavorite, the kind of people who pretend they know the answers to them and love to tell you just-what-they-are, the searching persists. The meaning is limitless. But the music is there. Two of my favorite Mason Jennings songs take the questions right out of my head and into a verse. The endless wondering, the at times demanding that I have done to the universe exists because I let it. The questions that I've thought about this past year mostly revolve around change and faith; and most interestingly: their intersection.

Things Change - Mason Jennings
How'm I gonna live with all this pain in my heart
Never thought that I would have to make a new start
Strange, how the moment just can't last
No way of living inside the past

Now that you're gone
Things can die, they can't stay the same
Things change

I mean every - everything
Things can die, they can't stay the same
Things change

God it's been so long, I don't know where that we've been
Try to find a way to let the light back in
I can't stop thinking of what you said
Only one person could live inside my head

Now that you're gone
Things can die, they can't stay the same
Things change

I mean every-everything
Things can die, they can't stay the same
Things change
Some Say I'm Not - Mason Jennings
To look at a baby
You've gotta be brave
In the black of his eye
Is your own grave
And something darker
You wanna touch
It must be love
Cause it hurts so much


I've been to Egypt
I've been to Rome
I was a young man
When I left my home
Looking for something
I couldn't find
Now I'm back where I started
It was here all the time


Out of the darkness
Into the light
I had it wrong
You made it right
I had it right
You made it wrong
Same old story
Same old song


Some call me Allah
Some call me Tao
Some call me Buddha
Some call me now
Some call me Jesus
Some call me God
Some say I'm real
Some say I'm not

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